June 8, 2011

Run to Hurley's, stop at Mondial de la Biere?

So looking at the weather reports for the last few days it's looked like yet again nature was not going to be kind to us.  Luckily, current reports show skies clearing and the temp dropping to near 21-22 around 7PM tomorrow night.  Location is now Hurley's given its better proximity to the Mondial de la Biere happening at Place Bonaventure.  If anyone is interested that should be a fun way to cap off their first beer run. 

June 1, 2011


We're on for tomorrow, should be perfect weather for a run, about 15 and cloudy. Le Sainte Elisabeth should have plenty of space both inside and out depending on everyone's preference.  See you tomorrow night!

May 26, 2011

Another run cancelled, better luck in June

Well given that for once the Montreal weather reports appear to be accurate with light rain currently, I can only presume that the heavy thunderstorms predicted for 7PM will also be true.  Therefore, irregardless of the massive number of people this will disappoint, there is no run for today.

The destination for all of June though are now posted.  Here's looking to better weather (on what seems Thursday-Saturday only) in June!


May 18, 2011

NO RUN TOMORROW- New Destinations Posted

So due to personal reasons and STILL some of the worst May weather I've seen in some time, there is no run for May 19th. 

I've finally begun some real research though and have found great destinations for the near future, some popular bars and some that are unique spots a bit off the beaten path.  Come one and come all for which ever type of destination fits your fancy.


May 11, 2011

So It Begins...

The Inaugural Montreal Beer Run is ON people!  After two weeks of the elements showing their displeasure in the realization that it is now spring, the weather has turned completely in our favor to get some pavement under our feet.

It is with pleasure that the inaugural destination is one of my, and many others' favorite places, Benelux.  They know we are coming and have agreed to give us some of their wonderful patio space for our very necessary post-run refreshments.  Location is posted on the sidebar of the site, and we will be meeting at 7PM sharp in front of the McGill Sports Complex on Des Pins and Hutchinson, so come ready and thirsty!  See you Thursday.


May 4, 2011

We Are Starting Soon, Promise!

Well, the weather has hardly been a friend to us over the last few weeks.  I've been looking to start each of the last two thursdays but with 25 and rain last week and 8 and rain this week, neither one would've been the best way to kick off the club.  We are definitely shooting for next thursday, the 11th at Benelux as our first destination.  I'll confirm as soon as I can so we can get the party started.


April 7, 2011

Welcome to Montreal Beer Runners

Hello Interested Persons,

Welcome to the Montreal Beer Runners.  This is a new concept running/exercise/social/drinking club that promotes responsible exercising with responsible drinking.  The group will be beginning soon (end of April target) and will begin finding destination bars / drinking locals very soon.  For more information about what the group is about, check out our information on the sidebar, which will include destinations, upcoming races and other events in the city, as well as great information about beer, running, and everything else possibly related.  Hope to see you all out on the streets very soon!