July 30, 2012

August Runs are Up!

The final month of summer is closing in upon us, time to make the most of the incredible weather we've had these past few months.  The destinations this week are taking us all over the city; from the busy nightlife of Crescent all the way up to the Jean Talon Market and beyond.  Check out the links on the right for the locations and the routes.

July 25, 2012


Well once again the Bacchus must be shining his light on Montreal as it'll be another perfect evening for a Beer Run.  To make it even better, it's a Choose Your Own Adventure run, as Benelux is one of the easiest destinations for a beer run we've chosen yet.  While it's a recommended 5k (just click the link on the right), you can go anywhere from 1-15k if you like, it's just that easy!  Top it off with some of the best beers in the city and a monstrous terrace; there's no better way to enjoy a night like this in Montreal!

July 16, 2012

2 New Runs, Closing out July

So we've had great fortune this summer since switching to Wednesday nights, and it looks like it's going to continue.  If all goes well, this week's forecast is for 24 and partially cloudy for Wednesday evening, so it's time to get a bit of a longer run in to a great destination.  Brasseur de Montreal not only has great beer, but a kick-ass terrace out back in a great part of town, so check out the route on the right and meet us on the corner of Parc and Pins @ 7:30.

July 11, 2012

Great Weather, Back to Wednesday's

So after so many failures to launch last year this year the weather has been perfectly ideal for beer runs, and tonight is no exception.  It's an easy run tonight too, heading over to Grumpy's on Bishop for some good beer, patio, and great music on a evening that can't be spent doing anything else.  Get your shoes on, and we'll see you on the corner of Parc @ 7:30.

July 3, 2012

Special Tuesday Edition of MBR- Montreal Jazz Fest!

Due to glorious run conditions and a once in a year opportunity, the Montreal Beer Runners are making a special Tuesday run this week down to Place Des Arts to soak in some beautiful evening weather and fantastic jazz at the Jazz Festival rather than a bar destination.  Not to worry, still plenty of beer to be drank and an even better outdoor setting for the night, so come on down and join us!

Time has also been changed to 7PM so that we get there for lots of good music.