January 30, 2013

Yes it's warm, no we won't run + Race Info

Ice is never your friend people.  #1 it keeps your beer too cold, #2 it'll try to kill you while running (yes, the order is important).  So don't get too excited with the brief warm spot as the melting snow is just exposing the worst of the ice. 

In other news though, as our thoughts turn to warmer weather, there are several great races this year that should be on your radar.  Info on the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Marathon are below:

Spartan Race:
May 25 & 26
Until March 1st: $80 individual, $75 group of 4+, $72.50 group of 10+

Tough Mudder:
July 6 & 7
Until Feb 21st: $105 for July 6, $95 for July 7

Oasis Marathon (Half-marathon)
September 22:
Until Jan 31 (tomorrow), $75 half-marathon, $90 marathon
Until May 31, $90 half-marathon, $105 marathon

January 21, 2013

So much for the weather...should we meet earlier?

Well needless to say there will not be a similar offer to last week's for a January run, at least not this week.  There is one key question worth asking though.  As we've been getting later and later starts to the evening and often not getting home until past midnight, should we move the meeting time forward?  Any thoughts on 8 or 8:30 now at the bar?  Feel free to leave comments below.

January 16, 2013

Where's the snow? Run optional tonight?

Well it's been quite a week of change here in Montreal, the weather gods seem to be favoring runners for now at least (tomorrow may be a different story, -15 for a high last I checked).  The snow on my balcony went from covering up my grill my completely to being almost completely gone.  So, I'll put it out there that I may take a run today, well before hitting up Ye Olde at 9 on Prince Arthur and St. Laurent, so if you're interested shoot me a message or reply in the comments here.

Otherwise, don't forget to spread the word to any non-runners that we are open and non-discriminatory right now, all are welcome to join up whenever they like and avoid cabin fever.

January 8, 2013

Happy 2013, Resolve to Run!

Welcome back everyone, and Happy New Year to all.  This should be a very exciting year for the MBR, we will continue to semi-hibernate through what is sure to be a continuing tough winter, but when this all clears up we will be back on the streets with a vengeance.  Looking forward there are things like the Spartan Race at Tremblant in May and the Tough Mudder in July that will be challenges that many of our members will face, as well as convincing more than a few people to join in for at least the half-marathon in September.

In the meantime, we will still be enjoying each others' company throughout January with a few great destinations, including a nice trip to the old Port and along St. Laurent.  Check out the bars, and we'll still be meeting 9PM every Wednesday.